Requirement analysis

Solution 1 - Vehicle passing records & alarms only


Alarm Notification


Real-time alarm notification to operator when some certain vehicles or vehicle types are detected, including by Email, Mobile Phone and Client pop-up window notification.



Note: Automatic barrier control is also supported via vehicle list matched/mismatched event.


Retrievable and searchable records


Evidence with vehicle record details, such as passing time, video footage, snapshot, vehicle number plate, vehicle brand / type / colour, etc.




Analysis Report


Showing number of passing vehicles in a trend report, available on Web Client/Control Client/Mobile Client HD, exported manually, or via a scheduled email that can be set up. Original data can also be accessed by 3rd party reporting tool, e.g. PowerBI.


Live view of camera image with vehicle records


Dedicated list menu for real-time vehicle records and able to quickly flag up for further investigation, directly add to existing vehicle list, or search for more information.

Solution 2 - Vehicle entrance & exit management


Flexible entry and exit rule template


For different vehicles, such as staff, registered visitors, temporary visitors. This helps increase both efficiency and security.


Parking space control by vehicle list


Only allows a certain number of vehicles from each list, helping make full, flexible use of the car park. It’s applicable for a scenario where a person has multiple cars and only one of them is allowed at a time.


Frequently appeared vehicle alarm


Supports configuration for specified vehicle list and a daily, weekly or monthly threshold. Real-time alarm notification and report helps manage trucks precisely.



More alarm types


Parking in forbidden period, car park full, etc.


Parking overstay event


Can detect any vehicle that has parked for longer than it’s allowed even if it hasn’t exited yet. It also supports real-time alarm notification and a scheduled summary report via email. Vehicle can also be searched by parking duration.


Multiple vehicle search filters


Allow record searching by plate number, type/colour/brand, etc., available on Web Client and Control Client.


Able to find vehicles that haven’t appeared for certain days or about to expire in certain days.




Note: TCM camera supports searching vehicle by type/colour/brand.


LED screen configuration


Supports configuration of welcome message for vehicle detected and idle. Each entrance and exit supports Hikvision Entrance & Exit LED Display Screen.



Remote barrier control

Individually or in batch.



For manual control

You are able to select which company’s parking space will be used temporarily for a visitor.



Video intercom call available on entrance/exit

For temporary visitor or scenario with no entrance booth.



Display vacant/total parking space

For car park and each vehicle list.



One click to add temporary vehicle to vehicle list



One click to flag vehicle

For further investigation.



Manual correction available

If license plate number automatically detected is wrong.



Car park business overview and report


Customised fuzzy matching rules




Solution 1: Vehicle passing records and alarms only




Solution 2: Vehicle entrance & exit management



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