Privacy Policy

Updated date: 2020.02.10



HANGZHOU HIKVISION DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD., and its affiliates ("HIKVISION", “we”, “ours” or “us”) take your personal information very seriously. This Privacy Policy ("Policy") has been designed to inform you how HIKVISION collects, stores, uses and shares your personal information within its application scope. Please review this Policy before using related HIKVISION websites.

The Policy may be modified from time to time and will be posted on this page.

This Policy is applicable to all HIKVISION websites that link to it (collectively, the “Site”). For certain functions or services of our Site, additional privacy notice or addendums for such functions or services may apply. HIKVISION websites may contain links to third party websites. Your personal information might be collected by third parties when you are using their services; therefore, HIKVISION encourages you to learn about the privacy practices of those third parties.

If the personal information you submitted to us contains other individuals’ information, you warrant that you have obtained the approval of such individuals.

By accessing the Site, you acknowledge that you have agreed to our process of your personal information in accordance with the Policy.

Collection of your information
When you use the Site, HIKVISION may collect certain information about you as described in this Policy. The information can be divided into information that you provide and information that HIKVISION collects. As permitted by applicable laws or after obtaining your prior consent, we may further collect personal information that is necessary for your use of the Services from third partie