This session of the Hikvision Innovation Talks webinar showcases solutions for keeping traffic moving through cities smoothly and at the same time ensuring a safe and service-friendly environment for people in outdoor spaces. We have hosted this with Technology Partners Schreder and  ACIC on March 25, 2021.

The concept of Smart Cities is hot, with investment in it increasing. Within this, 74% of all projects covers traffic and mobility. Hikvision works with partners to enhance Smart City capabilities, including the management of traffic, services and safety in public, outdoor spaces.Combined with Schreder’s modular smart-lights and ACIC’s AI traffic algorithms,  Hikvision cameras provide a holistic solution that can analyze traffic and provide better service to people in outdoor spaces. This allows City Mobility Managers to combat illegal driving behaviour, reduce accidents, deter crime, and increase the feeling of public safety.


Watch the webinar recordings and download the materials below, and  find out more about how you can apply the latest integrated technology to help you deliver effective Smart City solutions.




Holistic solutions to move people and traffic around safely and easily - Hikvision Innovation Talks
March 25, 2021


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