As various countries and regions push to reopen businesses, crowd density information is also considered a significant reference in managing the "social distance" of workplaces, businesses and public spaces. 


Public and private managers and authorities have to do more than ever before to keep people safe, and in many cases efficient calculation of customer traffic will be essential. Use of technology can provide a monitoring solution to manage this, giving alerts when more people are present. 


The information from these can also be displayed on Digital Signage screens, for scenarios where transparency and public awareness are key. 


Single-door/ Multi-door flow control on Digital Signage


  • Ceiling-mounted or wall mounted people counting camera 
  • Wall-mounted or floor standing digital signage, or digital signage box output to monitor
  • Real-time display of number and flow control signal on screen
  • Support concurrent display with other media info

Recommended Products: 

Temperature and Mask Status Display (Optional)


  • Display temperature screening and mask detection status by connecting camera or NVR with corresponding capabilities
  • Wall-mounted or floor standing digital signage, or digital signage box output to monitor
  • Support concurrent display with flow control signal and other media info

Recommended Products:


Retail store

Shopping mall


*Hikvision’s temperature screening products are designed for the detection of skin-surface temperatures so as to achieve rapid preliminary screening in public areas. Actual core body temperatures should be further confirmed using clinical measurement devices. Under any circumstances, it is highly recommended to use Hikvision’s temperature screening products in accordance with local laws and regulations.

  • 4MP DeepinView ANPR Moto Varifocal Bullet Camera - iDS-2CD7A46G0/P-IZHS(Y)
      • ANPR
      • Dock Occupation Detection
      • Driving in and out detection
      •  Rear door status detection
      • Automatic LED light control.
  • 2 MP ANPR IR Intelligent Entrance Video Unit - DS-TCG227(-IR)
      •  3.1 to 9mm motorized vari-focal lens
      • Support relay output to control vehicle barrier
      • Support dirty license plate recognition
      • Support quick pass of multiple vehicles
      • Support vehicle type, vehicle color and vehicle brand recognition
  • HikCentral Enterprise - Industrial
      • Designed for industrial and logistics applications
      • Built around ‘Internet of Things’
      •  Improves production/process efficiency
      •  Centralizes data, making analysis easy
      • Easily integrated into 3rd Party systems.


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