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HikCentral Professional enables users to make sense of, and get the most out of, all the data from various devices in a seamless solution. Cameras can collect a wide range of information, especially when they have the benefit of Deep Learning algorithms inside. Data analytics can help companies describe their businesses, look at reasons why positive or negative things have happened, help managers to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), and decide next action plans to take.

A Dual-lens People Counting Camera, for example, combines various crucial and advanced technologies, including binocular stereo vision, 3D people detection and tracking, height filtering and deep learning algorithms. These can also filter false ‘targets’ to provide accurate people data, better scenarios adaptation and multi alarms configuration.

The HikCentral Professional video-based intelligent analysis dashboard enables flexible and extensible digital applications. It includes smart analysis like people traffic analysis (with employee and duplicate customer exclusive), customer attributes, queue wait time, and visitor trend analyses. It can also be used in a similar way to analyze and manage vehicle data and temperature measurement applications.

Key features

People Counting Report


People Counting Report

The People Counting Report shows the number of people counted by people counting cameras or obtained from the access records of access control devices. They can be arranged by region and time period. The report provides the number of persons who stay in a specific region, which can be used for certain commercial or emergency scenarios. For example, a shopping center manager can use the report to understand the popularity of a store, or zone within it to help make store development decisions.


People Counting Reports can be formatted in certain ways and with tailored information. For example, users can add people counting group(s) for the doors and cameras of a certain zone to define region borders. This can then be used to set a regular report rule and the platform will send emails with reports attached to the target recipients regularly so they can easily monitor the situation.

People Density Analysis Report


People Density Analysis Report

This shows the variation trend of the people density data in a line chart. The people density data refers to the peak amount of people that were picked up by a specific camera during a certain time period. The data is useful for management and control of people numbers in specific areas or space during special time periods. This could be useful if you needed to control the amounts of people going through an area, for example, in emergency or peak times. This can also be useful in a promotional sense, giving information about the ‘popular’ areas of store. 

Centralized  management


Centralized management

All information is managed in the same system, saving users time and effort. They are then able to easily apply information to their strategy and planning, keeping them on top of trends and using real data to make business decisions.


For example, a ‘people counting group’ is used to group the people counting cameras of certain zone. Users can also set some cameras as the region border. Only the persons detected by the cameras are calculated, and cameras inside the zone are ignored. By grouping these cameras, the system provides counting function based on the detected records on these cameras. With this function users can know how many persons are stay in this region. This is available for certain emergency or commercial scenarios. For example, during a fire escape, the number of the persons in the zone will be displayed on a map - valuable information for rescuers.

Enhancing smart technologies


Enhancing smart technologies

HikCentral Professional helps users to get the best out of the smart technologies available in Hikvision devices by converging them into a seamless solution. It can work with all products - from People Counting cameras, to Access Control and other security devices. 


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