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HikCentral Professional VMS enables users to make sense of, and get the most out of, all the data from ANPR cameras in a seamless solution. Cameras can collect a wide range of information, especially when they have the benefit of Deep Learning algorithms inside. Data analytics can help managers to improve entrance security to car parks in office buildings, city centers, and schools, for instance.


Hikvision’s ANPR systems “learn” number plate information within a scene, recognizing a much higher number of automobile plates and with much higher efficiency than conventional ANPR systems. The HikCentral Professional video-based intelligent analysis dashboard enables flexible application, for example, as a great car park management software tool. It’s easy to use and configure and brings together a wealth of information from the cameras. It analyzes this, providing reports that can show the peak times in a car park, or identify vehicles that have ‘overstayed’. All of these are valuable tools to help car park managers do their job. 

Key features

People Counting Report


Manage Vehicle

HikCentral Professional VMS enables users to add vehicle information to the platform and categorize them into different types (including registered vehicles, temporary vehicles, visitor vehicles, and vehicles in a list). The platform provides ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) functions from data provided by ANPR cameras. In addition, an administrator can define whether an event or alarm will be triggered when the recognized plate number matches one registered in the system, or when the vehicle type matches one specified.


The platform provides entrance and exit management and it can control the entry and exit of the detected vehicles. The administrator can set entry & exit rules for the vehicles managed in the platform to define whether to allow the vehicles to enter or exit the car park.

People Density Analysis Report


 Regular Overtime Parking Report

HikCentral Professional VMS allows users to set a regular Overtime Parking Report rule for a car park. The system can send an email with a report attached to the target recipients daily, weekly, or monthly. This helps them to manage the car park, with records of overtime parking vehicles staying past their allowed parking time. This information is analyzed from ANPR cameras during the specified time periods.

People Counting Report


Vehicle Analysis Report

The Vehicle Analysis Report shows the number of vehicles detected by specified cameras during a specified time period.


Users can set a regular report rule for specified ANPR cameras, and the system will send emails with reports attached to the target recipients daily, weekly, or monthly. They can also manually generate a vehicle analysis report at any time to view the data. 

Centralized  management


Centralized management

All information is managed in the same system, saving users time and effort. They are then able to easily apply information to their strategy and planning, keeping them on top of trends and using real data to make business decisions.


For example, car park managers can see times when the car park is busy, allowing them to plan more staff coverage

Enhancing smart technologies


Enhancing smart technologies

HikCentral Professional VMS helps users to get the best out of the smart technologies available in Hikvision devices by converging them into a seamless solution. It can work with all products - from ANPR cameras, to Entrance and Exit barriers and other security devices. 


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