Cool surveillance and number plate recognition secures Danish food warehouse

Cool surveillance and number plate recognition secures Danish food warehouse



Surveillance systems can be found in the most extreme environments – even these need security sometimes. This was the case with an installation in Denmark where Hikvision cameras were used to monitor warehouses for a food service e company, including a massive freezer! The solution also used surveillance technology to make pickups and drops offs go smoothly and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to secure the employee car park.


When Foodservice Denmark, the leading supplier to the foodservice sector in Denmark, was creating a new logistics centre and office building they sent out a tender for the surveillance element of the project. Installer Bruzelius in Copenhagen won the tender and set about putting together a solution to meets their needs.

The first challenge was to find a way to monitor the freezer area in the new complex. These areas experience severely low temperatures, so a robust solution was required. This was especially relevant since the buildings were not ready for the cameras from the beginning, which meant they needed to be added later.

“The building planning had to be closely controlled, as they could only drop the temperature levels by around 2 degrees per day or else the building would be severely compromised,” says installer Christian Bruzelius.

Another challenge was to properly monitor the trucks as they entered and left the facility. It’s really important for logistics to ensure everything goes smoothly on pickups and that nothing is damaged. For example, the truck docks have a ‘dock protection’ system which needs to be unmounted before the trucks leave. The solution needed to help with monitoring this.  
Finally, Foodservice Denmark needed to secure its employee car park to make sure that only authorised people could use it.



To deliver an appropriate solution for the large freezing area inside the warehouse, Bruzelius chose the Hikvision 24MP fisheye camera (DS-2CD63C2F-IV) for a great overview. The camera is very robust, certified to IP66 and IK10 standards, so it can withstand the low temperatures in the building.

Five 4K smart bullet cameras (DS-2CD4A85F-IZ) were also installed inside and outside the facility to give a close overall view. These were crucial to the solution because they provided detail at distance from the camera to the truck docks. Using these cameras, operators could see that the trucks were ‘engaging’ and ‘disengaging’ from the truck docks properly, and thus avoiding damage.

To secure the staff car park, an ANPR (DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZS/P) camera was used. The camera can recognise the number plates of cars as they pass, so they can be checked against a ‘white list’ of authorised vehicles. The camera is an ultra low-light model, which means it is effective at night and when visibility is very low. This is currently a one-camera stand-alone solution, but will be eventually implemented within the access control process, making the barriers to the car park automated to open when the camera sees an authorised number plate.

Most of the cameras within the new solution are brought together with a back-end solution provided by Milestone, since all Foodservice de Denmark locations use this technology.

We work closely with Milestone all the time, and this is a good example of the importance of our ability to integrate closely with third parties”, says Peter Guan.

Søren Milner Rosfeldt, Project Leader at Foodservice Denmark, has already noticed the value of the new cameras. “We now have crisp pictures in all locations, including inside, outside, and within the freezer. The ANPR solution is also working very well. All in all this solution has turned out great!”

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