Securing safety deposit boxes

Securing safety deposit boxes

When your business is responsible for the valuables of a lot of people, security is a crucial business value. De Nederlandse Kluis, the largest independent provider of professional safe deposit boxes in the Netherlands, recently upgraded its security system to cater for suitably large data storage and multiple, controlled access points. Systems integrator Van der Perk Security installed this, using a Hikvision solution. 




De Nederlandse Kluis needed to be able to back up video recordings from cameras in locations all over the Netherlands in a central datacenter.


The locations needed to be able to see each other’s feeds. However, although only one uploaded stream per camera was allowed to the datacenter, it needed to deal with multiple streams throughout the whole system. Bandwidth control was an important element of the project, as they deal with a lot of content. With a number of users accessing the system from different locations, access control rights management was also important.


There was also the question of being able to see in the vault after another security measure filled it with smoke.


Finally, secure storage is a key part of a security solution that spans so many locations, with feeds from multiple cameras creating a large amount of data.


Of course, all of this needed to seamlessly integrate, with a central management system controlling it all and providing operators with an overview, depending on their access rights.




In total, the solution comprised 720 Hikvision cameras of increasing resolution (2 MP / 3 MP / 4 MP). These are installed at 32 locations around the Netherlands, each with its own Embedded 4K NVR (DS-7716NI-K4). The security in each of the vaults has been increased with a bi-spectrum thermal camera. This is to allow operators to monitor the situation inside the vault even when another security feature has filled the room with smoke to make it impossible for any ‘wrong-doers’ to see. With the thermal camera able to pick up thermal signatures, the system can still detect people, giving security personnel the advantage.


The central data center holds all of these footages separately to the vault locations, so even if the NVR (and therefore, its recordings) is stolen, the footage is still accessible, making further investigation possible. To achieve this, a central server was installed, with a Hikvision Hybrid SAN storage server (DS-A82024D), boasting a 64-bit multi-core processor and 24 HDDs. The solution was completed with a HikCentral video management system used to bring all of the elements together.


HikCentral delivers the flexibility to manage all streams from all the locations, as well as the users from them. Different users have various levels of access, and this is all administered by the HikCentral software.


For example, the system can combine 12 user streams into one. This set-up means that security personnel from each of the sites can tap into the feeds from another. They could, for example, have the footage from different sites on different screens within their office, making it easier to monitor each other’s premises.


This means that all branches of De Nederlandse Kluis are monitored 24 hours per day through live camera images. These images are sent real-time to the control room, where they can be analyzed and stored.


A unique feature of this solution is the fact that the back-up only kicks in when the system detects motion in one of the vaults. This is an innovative way to reduce the amount of data stored – helpful both in data storage requirement and sheer amounts of data to search through in case of an incident.


Peter van der Perk, the owner of the system integration company responsible for installation, says: “The total solution with the HikCentral VMS and back-up recording is exactly what De Nederlandse Kluis needed from their management system. On top of that, Hikvision could provide the best solution for the best price.”


With the help of Hikvision and the power of the HikCentral VMS, De Nederlandse Kluis is able to streamline its security feeds across its whole network. It can also store that footage remotely in an efficient data center. So, many people can sleep soundly tonight knowing that their valuables are under safe watch… uses strictly necessary cookies and related technologies to enable the website to function. With your consent, we would also like to use cookies to observe and analyse traffic levels and other metrics and tailor our website’s content. For more information on cookie practices please refer to our cookie policy.

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