Hikvision launches an all-new webcam to enhance users' online video experience

Hikvision launches an all-new webcam to enhance users' online video experience


August 9, 2022 – Hikvision announces the release of its all-new AI-powered webcam. This webcam inherits standout features of Hikvision's earlier Live Series products – such as up to ultra-high 2K resolution, sharp auto focus, and built-in microphone. The company designed this new series with AI-powered functions to enhance human portrait imaging, bringing out more natural looks while keeping users positioned at the right spot in the frame. 


These features add more versatility, convenience, reassurance, and pleasure for virtually any online video scenario, including e-commerce livestream, KOL sharing, remote conferencing, online teaching, and much more. With AI-powered features, high-quality imaging, and fine details available on its webcams, Hikvision provides an excellent video streaming experience.


Natural looking, high-fidelity imaging 

The all-new webcam uses embedded algorithms to detect the human face and can automatically apply intelligent imaging improvement functionality. Without changing the user's features, the camera can adjust the white balance, texture, clarity and saturation to enhance the portrait to ensure more natural looks. Additionally, the automatic exposure (AE) feature ensures correct brightness of the face independent of the illumination of the surrounding environment. The AE feature prioritizes the face brightness, and is especially helpful in mid-to-low-light and high contrast scenarios.


Stay in the shot at all times

Hikvision's all-new webcam also comes equipped to intelligently apply perfect framing to the one in the picture. The camera will correspond no matter what's going on behind the lens – whether a person is moving around or sitting still. For example, the camera can detect a person moving left or right and then adjust the face size and position by zooming in or out, to ensure their face is in the middle of the image and the size appears just right. It can also focus on and center multiple faces, including all faces in the frame, and put them in the optimal position at all times.


With the full range of settings provided by the webcam software, users can also manually switch the auto-framing function on or off, and choose to only adjust the frame once after sitting still to avoid an ever-moving lens. The auto-framing feature enables a more reassured online video environment through keeping everyone front and center. 


It's for professionals, too

Hikvision built the all-new webcam for professionals, too. More people around the world work remotely today than ever before, whether at home or in shared workspaces. And video conferencing, for that matter, has become a daily activity for many workers as well. With a professional, and realistic picture, Hikvision's all-new webcam will serve as a great tool for employees around the world who need high-quality imaging and perfect framing for conferences and meetings of all kinds. 


Privacy stays protected

The AI technology used in Hikvision webcam will only detect a human face to implement white balance optimization, portrait enhancement, and follow its position for good framing. No data storage is involved anywhere in the process.


Find out more 

To find out more about the Hikvision all-new webcam and Hikvision's webcam family, please visit our website.

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