Hikvision launches innovative new speakerphone for enhanced professional conferencing

Hikvision launches innovative new speakerphone for enhanced professional conferencing



April 29, 2022 - Hikvision has announced the launch of its first speakerphone series. Designed in-house for professionals, the "Sound Cube" takes remote conferencing a significant step forward in intelligence and convenience. This unique device has been expertly designed for today’s hybrid work-scenarios in businesses around the world, combining remote or home offices with working on-site. 


The work-from-home trend has been on an upward growth trajectory in recent years. More than 50% of employees are likely to consider transitioning to a hybrid work-scenario in the year ahead[1], so remote conferencing will be an even more essential component to daily operations for untold numbers of employees globally. And because of that, high quality conferencing tools are an increasingly indispensable part of employee performance and satisfaction.


Loud and clear conversations

Every day in offices around the world, workers may run into technical problems setting up and running remote conferences. Common problems include speaker volume being too low or tinny, even when sitting close to the laptop speakers; voice pick-up distance is too short; microphones are under-powered at best; background noise is too loud; and more. With all of these impediments, E-meetings and remote conferences have fallen way behind the curve in technical development.


But now, Hikvision's "Sound Cube" speakerphone addresses users' concerns and enhances the entire conferencing experience due to its unique and high-quality features, such as:


  • 360-degree voice pick-up and sound amplification – The new cube-shaped speakerphone, in stark contrast to conventional pie-shaped designs, features innovative upward-facing microphones and surround sound speakers. With the Sound Cube, sound gets picked up on the top of the unit and clearly projected from all around the base of the speakerphone. With its innovative 8-mic, omnidirectional array, voices get picked up clearly within a generous 5-meter range.


  • AI noise reduction – The speakerphone leverages an intelligent algorithm to reduce both transient and steady noises (keyboard tapping or air conditioning humming, for example) to project participants' voices naturally and pleasantly. Its built-in High Fidelity Speaker also features echo suppression and anti-reverberation to further clarify sound transmission.


Thoughtful and humanized details

In addition to professional sound pick-up and transmission, Hikvision's "Sound Cube" speakerphone bears many thoughtful, user-centered designs to meet a variety of real-life needs. The speakerphone provides both wired and wireless options for quick, easy, and flexible setup, using common USB cables and USB dongle and Bluetooth technologies. Moreover, the Sound Cube is portable with a compact and lightweight carrying case for convenient transport on-the-go.


The speakerphone is also compatible with most mainstream operating systems and online meeting software to make each meeting a more enjoyable experience than ever before.


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For more information about the Hikvision Sound Cube speakerphone and how it can help you and your organization transform your remote meetings, please visit our website


[1] https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/worklab/work-trend-index/great-expectations-making-hybrid-work-work

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