Since their launch in 2013, Hikvision' s Turbo HD Series analog products have been applauded around the world for their amazing capabilities. Hikvision uncovers its brand-new Turbo HD GT - the latest Turbo iteration - taking the series to broader, faster, stronger levels, and offering more innovations and technological achievements to our customers. The new Turbo HD GT lineup products have arrived with three big players.

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Smart supplemental lighting 


With this supplemental lighting technology, our Smart Dual-Light Cameras can intelligently switch the mode between IR and white light when detecting a target or not, offering 3 flexible options to suit any need. When no target appears in the monitoring area, the camera adopts IR light, and the camera is in a relatively hidden state. When a target appears, it triggers an event rule, and the camera will turn on the white light, which can not only deter the intruders, but also obtain colorful video imaging with more key information.


Pan and tilt functionalities


Nowadays PTZ cameras are prone to miniaturize in form with enhanced stability and durability. Based on this, Hikvision for the first time developed small-sized analog cameras wi