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Hikvision's Solar-Powered Security Camera Setups are made to perform in areas where power supplies and ethernet cables can't reach. They also supply backup power in conventional power supply scenarios to resolve monitoring interruptions caused by power failures. 


These advanced camera kits are ideal for farms and forests, challenging infrastructure projects, and temporary sporting or cultural events.


Instead of purchasing and assembling various solution components separately, which is often difficult and time consuming for the end user, solar-powered Hikvision cameras eliminate excess design work and parts. 


Hikvision's solar camera solutions can be deployed by one person for cost efficiency, stability, and ease of use.

Masa pakai baterai yang lebih panjang

Beroperasi terus-menerus hingga 7 hari tanpa sinar matahari

Dirancang untuk penggunaan outdoor

Desain yang tahan angin dan air

Catu daya tahan lama

Manajemen daya yang pintar dan perlindungan baterai

Pemasangan Mudah

Pemasangan mudah dengan berat bersih 14 kg

Hikvision 4G solar camera solution with a solar panel and a battery.

No electrical wiring and network cables required!


Powered by solar energy, this kit sets up without any electrical wiring. The built-in battery supports smart power management and long-term power storage. Users can enjoy up to 7 days of continuous operations in the absence of direct sunlight.


Supporting multiple telecommunications standards including GSM, WCDMA and 4G LTE, the camera setups connect easily and wirelessly to the internet over mobile networks.

Hikvision solar IP camera setup is quick and easy thanks to its modular design.

Pemasangan Mudah


Hikvision's lightweight and professional modularized design makes the system setup simple. Mechanical equipment is not required, helping to reduce installation time and cost.

Hikvision solar-powered cameras are designed to operate outdoors in volatile conditions, including inclement weather.

Bad weather? No problem. 


Outdoor solar-powered camera setups must endure extreme weather conditions such as strong winds and rainstorms. Hikvision's solar-powered camera setups are sturdily built and stable enough to withstand inclement weather.

Hikvision solar panels, cameras and batteries are designed to function in extremely cold temperatures.

Extremely low temperatures? No problem.


Frigid winter temperatures can cause ordinary batteries to lose power or go completely inoperable, especially in higher altitudes. Hikvision solar-powered camera setups are designed with batteries that operate at temperatures as low as minus 20° Celsius (-4° F).



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