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Waking up to a New Normal, companies are exploring ways to protect employees, guests, visitors in busy environments. Learn how the Scylla Enterprise utilizes the Hikvision Temperature Screening technology to mass detect elevated temperatures and check if people are wearing masks, and optical streams are used to control social distancing. The Scylla Enterprise is based on AI, and you can interact with a variety of third party systems to create a highly homogeneous solution, including seamless third party access control integration. Scylla Enterprise provides a comprehensive workflow control including a strong reporting engine for making sure alerts are properly brought to attention, handled, and documented effectively.


Explore how the technical setup looks like and see live demonstration of the temperature screening and mask detection.

Albert Stepanyan

Chief Executive Officer at Scylla

Jens Berthelsen

Global Technology Alliance Manager at Hikvision

Ara Ghazaryan

Chief Technology Officer at Scylla

Team Introduction



Market Situation



Hikvision Product Showcase




Scylla Introduction & Enterprise Solution Overview



Scylla Enterprise Live Demo



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