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2022 Security Industry Trends - Karl.Traberg


In this video, we would like to share what we believe will be the top key trends in the security industry in 2022. 

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17:00 (UTC +8), Mar 11

See, Speak and Act with Intelligent Security Cameras - Daisy Dai


Learn how intelligent security cameras can help SMB owners increase business resilience and extend capabilities through automation, convergence, and a bit of artificial intelligence.


17:00 (UTC +8), Mar 18

Streamline SMB Daily Operations with Access Control Terminals - Will Zong


You will find how multi-functional touch-free access control terminals transform the way SMB owners operate and manage their business routines.


17:00 (UTC +8), Mar 25

Protect Small Businesses with an Intelligent Alarm System - Feyman Chen


We'll talk about how to use intrusion alarm systems to smartly resolve issues like high false-alarm rates and device maintenance efficiencies for SMB owners.


17:00 (UTC +8), Apr 1

How to Pick the Right Access Control Solution - Will Zong



Find out what is a good access control system and how do we pick the right access control solutions for diverse user scenarios.


17:00 (UTC +8), Apr 8

Explore Innovations and Added Value for Security Professionals - Leon Wang


We will introduce tailored solutions with future-shaping technologies to help you solve the needs of your customers from all walks of life. What’s more, special offers to be discovered!


17:00 (UTC +8), Apr 15

Verification and Identification Technologies Bring Attendance Management to Next Level - Will Zong

Come and learn today’s time & attendance solutions that use multiple verification and identification technologies to achieve rapid attendance management; and show you a variety of solutions for different attendance scales and needs.


17:00 (UTC +8), Apr 22

Smarter Ways for Attentive and Efficient Visitor Management - John Cheng


Learn how to optimize the visitor experience, from visitor reservation to check-out, through smarter visitor management solutions for various types of workplaces.


17:00 (UTC +8), Apr 29

Protecting Perimeters via AI Automation and Proactive Measures - Rogers Gan


Let’s find out how advanced perimeter protection solutions can help reduce operation costs and improve efficiency for business and home security.



17:00 (UTC +8), May 6

Speeding Up Vehicle Entry & Exit with Smart Technologies - Wicky Wei


We’ll introduce how to improve customer experience and management efficiency for both drivers and operators with faster and smarter vehicle entry and exit.


17:00 (UTC +8), May 13
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