Hikvision’s Temperature Screening Solution for Entrances offers more flexibility and efficiency for temperature measurement at entrances or in lobbies, combining access control with regular security checks.


Come and join our live webinar and find out how Hikvision helps you get accurate preliminary temperature screenings, even in areas with heavy foot traffic. Explore what product types Hikvision offers and find the best ones for your scenarios – including MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals, Metal Detector Doors, and more.

Hikvision Temperature Screening Solutions for Various Scenarios

Introduction of various temperature screening products and their suitable application scenarios.

Hikvision MinMoe Touch-Free Temperature Screening Solution

How can temperature screening be combined with access control? Check our new MinMoe face recognition terminals with temperature screening function.

Hikvision Temperature Screening Metal Detector Door Solution

A brief introduction of Hikvision temperature screening solution with regular security checks, Check the key features of Hikvision metal detector door and its application scenario for temperature screening.

Thermal Technology v.s. Thermopile Technology

A Comparison of Hikvision thermographic technology with the thermopile technology in current market.

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