Connected stores, powered by Hikvision's Smart Retail Solution, not only have the ability for high-level security but also can leverage standards across branches to build brand and protect profits.


Connect your stores and staff


The HikCentral Enterprise-Retail platform software enables complete visibility and remote check-in of all your retail locations any time, from anywhere. It serves as a single touchpoint for live video feeds, event notifications, and centralized management, and keeps your staff connected.


Simplify device maintenance


You can monitor the health of your in-store security devices on the HikCentral Enterprise-Retail platform dashboard. You can also customize the frequencies of automated system inspections. The system will send an instant email notification once a security camera is identified as offline.


Standardize via remote audits


Audits are necessary, but are often beset by high labor costs, management vulnerabilities, and lack of further data analyses. What if you could use your security cameras for remote store audits? Now you can! And it vastly improves efficiency and standardization across your retail operations. It takes only a few steps from planning to execution.

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