About Hik-Connect


Discover the robust capabilities of Hik-Connect Software, tailored for households, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and multi-site enterprises seeking to manage security systems with ease and flexibility. Available on both web portal and mobile devices, Hik-Connect is your go-to solution for enhanced security.

Hik-Connect provides end users with a comprehensive security toolkit. The power of 24/7 video security, real-time intrusion alarms, video intercom, access control, and attendance – all combined in one platform – keeps properties and businesses connected and protected every hour. Explore further to uncover the unique benefits of Hik-Connect and download today for a seamless security experience

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Value-added services

Devices or system handover

Proactive health monitoring

Cloud storage

hik connect app

Grant limited permissions to trusted installers or service providers, enabling them to remotely manage a single device (Personal Mode) or the whole security system (Teams Mode), and provide maintenance on Hik-Connect. 

With authorized access, you can focus on prioritizing projects, knowing your security systems are in capable hands.

Get your devices managed by trusted installers
hik connect app

Linked up to Hik-Connect, your devices can be regularly refreshed and kept healthy. 

With your authorization, your service providers identify issues and provide proactive support, saving you time and money while everything is functioning properly. 

hik connect app

Hikvision provides a complete cloud storage solution to save your data securely in remote locations, and you can access it from anywhere.

It’s simple to retrieve critical video data, more convenient and friendly with intuitive operations.

Learn more about cloud storage solution

Top-level guaranteed security


Rest assured that your information stays safe and secure. Hik-Connect employs industry-leading standards and protocols for maximum security and reliability.

  • P2P technology, TLS full-link encryption, HTTPS/SSL encryption, advanced RSA, AES and TSL encryptions 
  • No need to map LAN ports for internet access
  • Only you and your authorized connections can access and manage your information

Security you can always count on with certifications from: 

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Proactive health monitoring keeps devices running today and tomorrow

Cloud-based attendance made simple

Stay at ease when your devices are managed by trusted installers


Linked up to Hik-Connect, your devices can be regularly refreshed and kept healthy. With your authorization, professional service providers and your installers will identify security issues and provide proactive support, saving you time and money when everything is functioning properly. 


With Hik-Connect, cloud-based attendance can be a powerful cost-saver for both employers and employees.


Employers: gain real-time visibility into who clocked in and when with just a few taps. You will also appreciate centralized management of multi-site and multi-user access and attendance management with no limit on registration numbers more efficient and easier than before.

Employees: enjoy one-touch clock in and out remotely.



Now you can assign limited permissions to your installer or security service provider so they can help manage your devices added on Hik-Connect, provide maintenance remotely, and let you get back to work. All the services offered by installers are granted only with your authorization, so you can focus on your more important projects with confidence that someone you trust is taking care of your security systems.


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Access and manage your Hikvision devices effortlessly with the Hik-Connect app or/and web portal. Download now for efficient security management from anywhere, at any time.

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