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Due to the extreme hazards in oil and gas operations, safety and environmentally-friendly management remains the primary concern of administrators. Additionally, as an asset-intensive industry, the productivity of oil and gas relies heavily on reliability. Faced with these distinct challenges, you need intelligent solutions that answer the most concerning questions. That's what we can do.


Hikvision's AI-powered Solution for the Oil & Gas Industry provides advanced technologies and products that empower your businesses and employees with unparalleled abilities to address every aspect of safeguarding and enhancing the oil and gas value chain.


Integrated security


For large areas that require high-level security protection, Hikvision's Oil & Gas Solution enables users to keep track of critical infrastructure around the clock. Thanks to our visual and thermal technologies, security management can be easier than ever with clear and accurate remote imaging – even in low-light environments.


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Operational management


Our solution helps keep critical operations up and running with cutting-edge AI and thermographic products and technologies. It also facilitates managers' work when supervision becomes smarter and more effective. And our explosion-proof cameras do double-duty in both security and safe operational monitoring.


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HSE management


Hikvision's Solution for the Oil & Gas Industry focuses on the health and safety of personnel, and meets the evolving needs of companies to identify, manage, and mitigate current and hidden safety risks. Integrating a Hikvision solution into your operations means you will also minimize your environmental impact with regulatory compliance.


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Centralized management


Our solution for the Oil & Gas Industry also features an all-inclusive dashboard to present perceived data in an intuitive, visualized way. 


The dashboard equips operations teams with a bird's eye view and multidimensional analytics, displaying on-going site operations and real-time inspection status with detailed information and data indexing, which aids decision-making. 

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