From wells to processing plants, and from pipelines to refineries and chemical plants, oil and gas facilities cover large scale investments scattered across remote locations. Now, Hikvision offers an integrated security solution covering intrusion & violation detection, fire prevention and vehicle management to safeguard your critical facilities wherever they may be, delivering high-quality security protection all around with timely intrusion detection and quick response to physical attacks.

Intrusion & violation detection


Arm perimeters at oil fields, chemical plants and tank farms


Hikvision's solution helps detect all kinds of vehicles and personnel approaching restricted areas and identifies vandalism and suspicious activity – such as breaching a perimeter – in real time. It can stop intruders in their tracks or alert personnel of their presence before the risks become disasters. 


Protect long-distance pipelines and critical zones


Users will enjoy a wide-range of protections with timely alarms triggered even in darkness by applying AI-powered thermal cameras. These advantages enable the prevention of damage to pipelines and critical zones, especially at remote sites. Security staff can visually verify the nature of every incident remotely and respond efficiently.

Fire prevention


Fire risks prevention and temperature measurement – Before disaster strikes


Hikvision's Thermography Cameras have been used widely in detecting temperature anomalies before a fire starts, finding hot spots in warehouses, production areas, machinery, and more. Actions can be taken early to prevent a fire before the worst happens.


These cameras feature: 

  • 24/7 monitoring in any weather
  • Early warning enabled by temperature anomaly algorithms
  • High accuracy rate as it leverages both thermal and optical smoke detection technologies
  • Wide spatial coverage with thermal speed domes or positioning systems

Vehicle management


Entrance & Exit Control


Hikvision offers convenient and efficient entrance & exit control for oil and gas facilities, tank farms, petrol stations, and so on, with or without a security booth at the gate.


Under Vehicle Surveillance System


Hikvision offers clear underside imaging of vehicles entering an industrial plant, enabling under-vehicle security checks to reduce threats and risks.


On-Site Driving Regulations and Management


Vehicle regulation and management is especially critical because vehicles often carry hazardous materials that require special training licenses, specific protocols, and extreme caution. With Hikvision's specially-design traffic management products, the solution effectively prevents dangerous behaviors such as driving over the speed limit or illegal parking in prohibited areas.