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Every day, distribution center operators face challenges such as unpleasant customer experiences and complaints due to loss or damage of goods. Existing Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and video security systems operate separately, which can result in a lack of video evidence and difficulty retrieving specific parcels or footage to determine the root cause and who is responsible. Difficulty tracking parcels on a long, complex conveyer belt means parcels can get stuck or be sent to the wrong destination.


To tackle these challenges and enhance supply chain monitoring while improving overall efficiency, Hikvision provides a powerful, end-to-end, visualized parcel tracking solution. Read on to learn how our solutions can enhance your operations today. 

  • Parcel Tracking for QC & Packing Stations
  • Parcel Tracking for Sorting Systems

Identify and track parcels easily at every crucial stage


  • Match and archive data according to time, place, parcel ID, and video by integrating the video security system and the barcode reading system for centralized management
  • Accelerate the handling of issues and customer complaints with quick, targeted video search based on parcel IDs at each check point
  • Track parcel movement with flexible solutions: 1) connect Hikvision cameras and code scanners to the same NVR; 2) integrate with third-party barcode reading systems
  • Get quantity verifications against other systems with parcel handling statistics at each node 
Solution for QC & Packing Stations
3-Series Camera
NVR (Customization Required)