What we offer

Hikvision’s Distance Learning Solution, with its advanced lightweight systems empowered by AI technologies, takes excellent education beyond the classroom walls out to new horizons. Combing advanced products and technologies, this solution enables students in remote schools and classrooms, at home, or in virtually any location to access classroom instruction via live stream. Even students in different time zones, in remote learning,  can watch recordings of classes at a later time.


Hikvision’s aim is to empower the transmission of great educational resources so that anyone can access it. Read on to learn more about how this solution can boost your unique learning institution. 

Recommended distance learning solution

  • Remote Learning
  • Multi-classroom Learning
Remote Learning

Dynamic student engagement built on a lightweight system


  • Remote learning students will get a more immersive learning experience as the whole system enables easy switching among views of the teacher – such as close-ups and panoramas – with excellent image and sound quality
  • ClassIn software supports real-time remote sharing as well as integration with mainstream video conferencing applications like Zoom, Webex and more. Users will also find support for RTMP video streaming to the live broadcast platform such as YouTube and Facebook
  • Easier installation and management for schools with a one-stop hardware and software solution, including intelligent cameras, high-quality interactive flat panel displays, and dedicated ClassIn software, offering flexible options for various educational institute needs
Cost-Effective Solution
High-End Solution