Hikvision Alarm System

Alarm products are ideal solutions for many scenarios: residential areas, small businesses, campuses or open areas, etc. Hikvision offers a wide range of alarm products designed to build reliable protection in every corner. By providing security measures that focus on very specific needs and risks, for example, smoke detection, water leak detection, or displacement detection for important objects, alarm products help you build a powerful security system that monitors all situations.


For home users, you may choose from our wired or wireless alarm system based on available infrastructures and budget considerations. Then complete your intrusion alarm system with a variety of detectors and accessories – ranging from magnetic contact for doors and windows to a dual-tech detector that’s smart enough to stay quiet while your pet walks around in the garden.


For places demanding a high level of security and personnel safety, such as campuses, the integration of Hikvision alarm systems becomes crucial. This may involve incorporating infrared beams for perimeter protection and emergency alarms to enable swift responses from students and staff seeking help.

Product categories

Wired Intrusion Alarm

The AX Hybrid PRO Series boasts wired reliability and wireless flexibility

Intrusion Accessory

Hikvision Intrusion Accessories - enhance security with quality products

Wireless Intrusion Alarm

The AX PRO Series is a flexible and easy-to-use system with no wires

Application scenarios

Hikvision alarm system offers a versatile, reliable and customized security solution for various scenarios. Intrusion alarm system plays a crucial role in villas by providing security and peace of mind. In offices, Hikvision alarm system helps to protect the premises from unauthorized access, theft, and vandalism. For shops, the alarm system is designed to safeguard the shop’s inventory and assets, as well as ensure the safety of staff and customers.