What we offer

Hikvision's Access Control Solution not only achieves rapid passage through multiple verification and identification technologies, but also provides complete measures for specialized scenarios with high security requirements and emergency protocols.

Key technology


Biometric authentication methods

  • High accuracy and efficiency of access control
  • Proprietary, multi-modal biometric mechanism uses deep learning algorithms
  • Biometric technology fusion enables faster recognition, with more capacity and more reliable performance
  • Access control for efficient passing
  • Access control for high-level security
  • Access control for emergency management

Improving personnel entry and management efficiency



  • Fast egress relieves traffic pressures 
  • Adds efficient management and maintenance
  • Provides visual verification of alarm events



  • Several authentication credentials: Face, ID cards, fingerprints, PIN codes, etc.
  • Visual monitoring, visually showing access control status
  • Real-time alarms, abundant alarm-linkage applications
  • Intercom at the door to request entry


Stay safer with higher-level protections



  • Effectively improves the security levels of access to specific areas 
  • Abundant linkage for events and alarms
  • UPS improves system stability



  • High security access control applications available, such as interlock, multiple authentication, anti-passback, etc.
  • Access control alarm with multiple linkages
  • Supports UPS

Personnel protection in emergencies



  • Reduces the risks for people in emergency areas
  • Improves evacuation efficiency
  • Informs employees of emergencies in timely manner
  • Empowers swift and accurate measures according to need



  • Emergency mode can be launched manually or by linkage to system
  • All doors are automatically kept open and IP speakers broadcast message repeatedly
  • Sends emails, SMS messages, or app notifications to all employees automatically 
  • Real-time people counting in emergency areas