What we offer

Searching for an efficient and convenient video intercom for your facilities? Looking for an easy-to-use and smart system that will improve your living and working experience? In any setting – apartment, villa, or office building – you will find a great solution from Hikvision’s range of high-performance intercom products.  With IP-based, 2-wire, and 4-wire intercom systems available, Hikvision has it all.

Key features

  • IP video intercom: HD video, mobile app, interoperable with video security and alarm systems
  • 2-Wire video intercom: HD video, mobile app, highly compatible cabling, stable operation, easy configuration
  • 4-Wire video intercom: HD video, easy deployment

Product categories

IP Series

A simple touch - step up to a new level of convenience

4-Wire Series

Popular choice for residential solution -cost-effective & easy to install

Emergency Intercom

The Emergency Intercom Series is for use in public places to expand security

2-Wire Series

Powered by a distributor with two wires for power& audio/video transmission


Everything you need to build a simple and easy video intercom system


Full selection of accessories for video intercom installation.

Common application scenarios


  • New apartments
  • Retrofitted apartments



Hikision's IP-based video intercom solution is well suited for new apartments, supporting an astonishing number of up to 500 indoor stations, with 1:1 communication between all of them.


Residents can remotely verify a visitor's identity and unlock doors via HD video calls at their indoor station or mobile phone.



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And when it comes to retrofitting vintage apartments, Hikvision’s 2-wire video intercom solution is an ideal choice. Installation is quick and easy, without turning your apartment into a construction site, as the existing wiring can be reused and no additional infrastructure investment is required.


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Hikvision’s villa intercom solution provides abundant and practical functions for every member of the home. Users can receive calls and unlock doors remotely via the Hik-Connect mobile app or via the touchscreen of their indoor station.


To make it even better, you can integrate it with Hikvision’s video security system, allowing indoor stations to display any IP camera installed around your house. Security and convenience come together with this solution!



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Office buildings

Hikvision’s IP video intercom solutions provide abundant practical functions for o