Retailers usually want to know which products customers are most interested in and which promotional products attract customers into the store.

With Heat-Mapping Technology, retailers see a color-coded map of the amount of time shoppers spend in specific store areas. This reveals both hot spots and dead zones, as well as how many people actually shop for a specific product, versus those who just decide to pick it up as they casually walk by. 

By layering this data over time, retailers can get insight into how to best place items in store, and how best to design the overall store layout.


Hikvision’s fisheye cameras capture panoramic high-definition images over an impressively wide area, while its heat-mapping function provides the color-coded map. The color meaning of this map can be used as an intelligent reference for your business operations. 

With Hikvision hardware, fewer cameras are needed than with heat-mapping solutions from other manufacturers. Installation also is cost-effective, making this the ideal solution for a location such as an independent shopping mall. 

Merchandise Display Optimization

Merchandise Display Optimization

Store owners can use Heat Mapping Technology to understand the most popular types of goods in stores and where the hot spots are to increase the probability of purchase and thus increase revenues.

Promotional Activity Analysis

Promotional Activity Analysis

With the passenger flow heat mapping analysis, the popularity of the products in the promotion area is revealed, thereby measuring whether the promotional goods or activities successfully attract the customers to generate purchase behavior.

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