What is Scheduled Backup?

With scheduled backup, automatically duplicated recordings can be stored on regular intervals, and the data will be moved to centralized network storage or cloud storage. This helps to limit the uploading of large files during peak internet traffic hours. Scheduled cloud-based backups during slower times free up peak hour bandwidth.

What does Hikvision offer?

Hikvision's Scheduled Backup Solution is ideal for businesses whose networks are mostly used in the daytime and conduct few network activities at night, such as banks and convenience stores. With this solution, automatic backup can be scheduled per the customers' needs during off-peak times to avoid network congestion. The recording backups are transferred from each branch's network video recorder to centralized storage devices. 

The Scheduled Backup Solution is also ideal for vehicles carrying mobile video recorders, such as public buses and tour coaches. When the vehicles are out running routes during the day, recordings are stored in the on-board MVRs. Scheduled, automatic backup starts when vehicles return to the garage, so that recordings will be transferred from MVRs to centralized storage devices. 

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