What is Multi-lens synergy?

Getting clear views over a large area – such as a major traffic intersection, a manufacturing warehouse, or a parking lot – isn't always a simple task. It typically calls for multiple cameras and extensive cabling to be installed in numerous locations in order to monitor the entire field of view. However, such a setup requires increased purchasing costs, installation time, management, and maintenance.


One way around this is to integrate two or more types of imaging lenses into a single camera. This kind of multi-lens camera can simultaneously deliver both panoramas and detailed, zoomed-in views of the same large site.

What does Hikvision offer?

The need to capture expansive views with zoomed-in details drives innovative security technology companies like Hikvision to continuously create new types of camera. A great example is its TandemVu camera line, featuring a fixed lens for the big picture and a PTZ or bullet camera for zoomed-in details. And it’s all built into one powerful unit. 


TandemVu Technology

TandemVu technology features Hikvision’s next-generation in camera design, integrating multiple lenses in one unit to provide the big picture and small details in tandem, a breakthrough in camera innovation.


Equipped with this technology, Hikvision’s security cameras maintain original, big-picture views even during panning, tilting, and zooming maneuvers. Users will see everything and miss nothing at any given instant, getting great situational awareness from the moment they set the camera up.

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