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Empower logistics companies with smart solutions

Global supply chains, booming online retail markets, and rising demands for manufactured goods have driven growth in the logistics industry. An array of materials and goods are constantly on the move by truck – arriving at logistics parks before the last miles of their journey to stores or customers' addresses. For logistics operators, challenges are adding up. They must maximize productivity and performance while reducing risks and costs. Read on to learn how Hikvision is helping logistics companies like yours. 



Reducing risks


Enhancing the security of goods, vehicles, and drivers during the entire route is a top concern for operators – from the moment goods travel from the starting point, to the moment they are delivered to their final destinations. To reduce loss or damage of goods or any other potential risks during long-term transportation, Hikvision offers an all-in-one solution with integration of hardware and software. We are helping logistics operators stay on top of in-transit status, providing key insights and reducing risks.