Retail stores generate huge amounts of offline data, day in, day out. A large part of that data, however, is scarcely tapped into. Based on Hikvision's AI-powered video technology, you can now make full use of valuable data collected from your brick-and-mortar stores, and then visualize and utilize that data for business insights, actionable intelligence, and smarter store operations.


Walk-in Rate – Extend your awareness of customer traffic


Walk-in Rate is the critical retail operation KPI that Indicates where sales opportunity lies. Hikvision offers an AI-based solution on the extended customer traffic data with its multi-intelligence DeepinView camera to facilitate sophisticated operation analysis.


Conversion rate – Generated with valid customer traffic


This advantageous feature helps eliminate invalid traffic generated by store staff and repetitive visits by customers, and get a highly accurate understanding of actual customer traffic and conversion rate. It is especially useful for high-value stores like jewelry and luxury stores and car dealers.

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Video-based flow direction analysis


Which direction do most people take after entering the store? You may optimize the store layout by arranging high-margin products or promotional activities on the most popular route. After adjusting, you can compare the data to see if the optimization makes a difference or not.


Area popularity analysis


Area Popularity Analysis measures your promotion effectiveness so you can optimize it as needed.  When displaying product promotions in a certain area of your store, you can set the promotional area as a detection zone for the cameras, getting real-time statistics of customer counts and their dwell time in that area. 


Heat mapping


Hikvision Heat Mapping uses fisheye cameras to generate a global or area-specific map of your store, tracking people movements in colors. The deeper the color, the higher the value, which means there were more visitors or visitors stayed longer. This will help you see where your "hot areas" are.


Queue analysis


Long wait times can have a devastating effect on your customer experience. Hikvision provides a Queue Analysis application with cameras designed to monitor in-store queues in real time and send notifications to store managers when there are too many people waiting in line.

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