Production Continuity for Manufacturing Plants

Production safety matters in manufacturing plants. Safety improves the workplace while helping to boost continuity and minimize downtime. Here, Hikvision can assist with production process monitoring, enhancing production-area situational awareness and tightening compliance by integrating thermal technology, explosion-proof products, and industrial system such as MES and SCADA systems. We provide optimized solutions to guarantee production continuity with less downtime and more safety. 


Visualize the production process for safe and efficient management

Hikvision offers AR applications and industrial cameras facilitate digital construction operations by integrating with existing control systems. Users get the status of their equipment, quality control, and production, with situational awareness to enhance production continuity and productivity.


Boost productivity & continuity with thermal technology

With industrial thermography, Hikvision helps operators identify problems earlier with less equipment downtime in applications including pipeline damage, temperature deviations, and more. By integrating with digitization systems, operators gain more insights to improve productivity, continuity, and efficiency.


Regulate production & activity with superior compliance

Hikvision helps operators consolidate production compliance regulations with online records and remote verifications, adding an extra layer of control on safety production, personnel compliance regulation, and ESD protection.



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