Hikvision Turnstiles integrate not only with face recognition terminals, but also offer users advanced access control functions and multiple combinations of authentication methods.

Hikvision'ın Kollu Bariyer Kapısı, yüz tanıma terminalleri gibi çeşitli kimlik tespit sensörleriyle birlikte kurulabilir. Akış kontrolü, yakın takibi önleme ve hızlı geçiş gibi diğer gelişmiş işlevler, güvenli ve etkili giriş çözümleri için ek yöntemler sağlar.

Product categories

Swing Barriers

The swing barrier gets integrated with the access control system to allow for various authentication methods and adjustable lane width. This provides fast and reliable access control at your entrances without compromising on security.

Tripod Turnstile

Employing the tri-pod turnstile integrated with the access control system empowers various authentication methods and anti-tailgating. This setup provides a compact and cost-effective solution with low power consumption and high reliability.

Fixed Base

The fixed base design ensures quick installation and easy use.

Flap Barriers

The flap barrier integrates with the access control system so that authorized personnel can be authenticated through face recognition terminals and by swiping Mifare 1 cards, EM cards, or other methods. 

Full Height Turnstile

Full Height Turnstiles, often called turnstile doors, provide a rugged, low-maintenance solution for even the harshest outdoor conditions. These turnstiles deter “tailgating” (walking closely behind another person to gain access) and other unauthorized access at your entrances.

Peripheral Products

Pedestrian entrance's peripheral products, such as fences, remote controls, built-in card readers, external columns, etc.


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