Personal Safety for Manufacturing Plants

Safety matters in manufacturing. With AI-powered technologies, Hikvision creates high-efficiency safeguards for qualified access in key areas, supporting production and enforcing PPE compliance. All of this helps boost compliance with HSE regulations.


PPE detection

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – the protective wear that ensures worker safety – is a must in key manufacturing positions. With Hikvision’s AI-powered PPE detection devices, we can detect compliance remotely, ensuring employees are wearing helmets and other PPE and improving safety for personnel.


Abnormal activity detection

Operational safety and efficiency are critical for manufacturing productivity. Hikvision leverages AI-powered imaging analytics, such as staff fall detection, safety appliance placement, and smoking detection in certain area, among others. The system actively reduces potential risks in operations.


Forklift risk prevention

Forklifts and persons in nearby areas pose another, very common safety hazard. Forklifts equipped with cameras and monitors help eliminate blind spots for drivers. Additionally, UWB positioning systems can pre-warn when approaching a safe distance between persons and forklifts, providing reliable protection for manufacturing and industrial environments.