What’s Smart Hybrid Light technology?

Conventional infrared cameras provide black & white images, usually resulting in loss of details. While white light cameras offer colorful images, it might be disturbing when the lights keep on throughout the night.


To solve these pain points, Hikvision has created a new supplemental lighting technology – the Smart Hybrid Light. Hikvision CCTV camera, powered by the advanced Smart Hybrid Light technology, provides three supplemental lighting modes (IR, White light or Smart mode). Unlike traditional night vision, our CCTV cameras can deliver high-definition and detailed color images even in challenging lighting scenarios, while also providing users with a good user experience. Users can take advantage to select the ideal lighting mode for their applications.

How does Smart Hybrid Light work?

Hikvision Smart Hybrid Light allows you to select the lighting mode that best suits your requirements: IR, White light or Smart mode.

In Smart mode, the CCTV color camera maintains infrared illumination until an event triggers color imaging to capture critical details.

Tech highlights

Stunning low-light imaging

F1.0 Super confocal lens

Hikvision has gone previous limits, leading the industry by achieving a delicate & complex confocal effect with an F1.0 large-aperture lens, which guarantees equally sharp imaging in IR or visible light.

F1.0 Super Confocal Lens (only for Smart Hybrid Light Cameras with ColorVu) is designed with precision at the micron level, allowing for master-level focus and long-lasting, high-definition images.

Monitoring in a smarter way

Classified object detection

Security intelligence gets more visible with AcuSense-powered smart functions.

  • Motion Detection 2.0 distinguishes persons and vehicles from other objects in the environment, focusing on real security threats with efficient video searches.
  • Live Guard (IP) deters trespassers with visual and auditory warnings while sending notifications to users remotely.