What is Ultra HD?

Ultra High Definition, also known as Ultra HD or UHD, is a high-quality video format that gives viewers more nuance and detail on the screen, with faster frame rates, contrast dynamics and expanded colors. 8K, with a horizontal resolution of 7,680 pixels, is the highest available form of Ultra High Definition in the security industry.

What does Hikvision offer?

Hikvision offers an all-encompassing 8K solution from front-end products such as cameras and LED displays to back-end devices, offering customers an extremely clear and detailed visual experience in all kinds of scenarios.


The LED display products provide a more vivid – even stunning – visual experience, while 8K cameras and 8K NVRs are used in both indoor and outdoor spaces such as public halls, squares, stadiums, stations, etc., where wider angles of view, and sharper, more detailed images are required. They empower users from all kinds of industries with the capacity to zoom into large scenes to view exact details without quality loss.