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In today's age where digital campus building has become prevalent worldwide, new technologies are empowering students to learn more easily, effectively and comfortably both on campus and remotely, while enabling teachers focus more on teaching itself and deliver quality education resources to more students outside classrooms. With advanced and easy-to-deploy products and systems, Hikvision's smart education solution provides a more intuitive learning experience for students, while transforming the ways that teachers organize classes and supervisors evaluate them.

Intuitive teaching and learning

Classroom Hub solutions for effective, engaging virtual and remote learning

Hikvision's Classroom Hub solutions, with its interactive flat panel display, enhances teaching and learning. It allows education institutions to create an immersive learning experience for students who are accessing classes from home, or from other classrooms – either in the same school, or in different schools. Specifically. The solutions include:  


Remote learning solution


With professional hardware devices and software tools, Hikvision's solution allows students at home and in other remote locations to access classes recorded and in school classrooms in real time, or at a later time. An immersive experience is created with smart classroom cameras that follow teachers as they move around the room and write on the interactive flat panel display, with excellent quality video and sound. 

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Multi-classroom learning solution


This smart solution supports synchronized teaching and learning between multiple classrooms, either in the same buildings or in other schools. This also provides an immersive experience for remote learners, with the ability to share educational resources between locations in real time. Meanwhile, it shares high-quality classes and other resources between classrooms, allowing students in remote cities or classrooms to access the best education opportunities.

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Class recording application


Hikvision's video recording system can record HD video continuously for 24 hours, helping to extending educational applications. Teachers can check on their teaching videos after class to improve the quality, and share them with other schools so that more students can access these resources. With Hikvision's education-sharing devices and smart cameras, students can experience multiple live-view modes for a more immersive learning experience.

Campus information release


Education digital signage


One of the key elements of keeping a safe campus is to implement strict and yet flexible personnel management. Hikvision's MinMoe face recognition terminals can add another layer of protection with face, fingerprint, and card authentication methods to choose from. Only those with permission can enter campus areas such as class buildings, dormitories, and more, effectively prohibiting unregistered persons from entry.

Classroom inspection solution

Anomaly Alarm

Real-time and remote classroom inspections


Feeds from all Hikvision classroom cameras can be accessed centrally, and in real time, by the security teams upon strict credential authorization, enabling them to ensure staff and student safety, and to protect property from the risk of loss or theft. In unusual cases, school administrators, teachers, or security staff can talk to students in classrooms remotely via this function. What's more, it also allows authorized users such as head teachers, heads of departments, and teaching coordinators, to access and evaluate the quality of teaching delivered to students in conditions like public evaluation courses.