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As a supplement to the checkpoint system, Hikvision has launched the smart monitoring system. This traffic monitoring system is easy to deploy and highly efficient. Specifically designed for comprehensive coverage of large areas, the smart system supports vehicle capture and ANPR, integrating with our advanced traffic monitoring cameras. Powered by the cutting-edge DarkFighter technology, this system ensures superior image performance at all light levels

Product categories

Hikvision's Smart Monitoring System combines infrared LED lights and smart cameras, providing a streamlined and efficient solution for traffic monitoring. Explore our innovative products to witness the power of intelligent management.

Continuous Lights

Supplemental lighting with a high beam LED light source, a patented lamp-cooling design, and a constant current drive control. Widely used for electronic policing, video security, toll stations, entrance & exit controls, etc.

Smart Monitoring Cameras

The Smart Monitoring Camera monitors large areas and supports vehicle capture and ANPR. DarkFighter technology provides excellent imaging at all light levels.


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