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Hikvision yıllardır güvenlik sektöründe görüntüleme teknolojisi alanında lider konumdadır. Bu gelenek yeni görüntüleme teknolojimiz Hikvision ColorVu ile devam etmektedir. Bu; büyük iris, yüksek performanslı sensör ve hafif ek aydınlatmaya dayanan renkli görüntüler anlamına gelir. Hikvision ColorVu, sıfır ışıklı ortamlarda bile kameraların 7/24 canlı görüntü sağlamasına yardımcı olan renkli bir görüntüleme teknolojisidir.

Sorunların Nedenleri

Hırsızlar, izinsiz giriş yapanlar ve diğer suçlular karanlıktan faydalanır. 

Gece meydana gelen olaylarda geleneksel kameralar, kızılötesi ek aydınlatmayla siyah beyaz görüntüler oluşturarak önemli ayrıntıları kaybedebilir. Kayıtta eksik olan renkler, adli delil toplama gibi belirli durumlar açısından çok önemli bilgiler içeriyor olabilir.

Hikvision ColorVu Teknolojisi Nedir?


Hikvision’s industry-leading ColorVu technology captures high-quality, full-color video 24/7 so your security staff can protect people and property at night with the same sharp rendering as in daylight.


ColorVu technology’s powerful ability to capture details in low lighting emerges from three specific breakthroughs:

  • Cutting-edge hardware
  • State-of-the-art image processing
  • Super-high reliability
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  • Cutting-edge hardware

  • · Super large F1.0 aperture

  • · Advanced sensor

  • Super-high reliability

  • · Active alignment technology

  • Guarantees focusing performance in the mass production of ultra HD ColorVu-enabled cameras, providing good quality control.
  • State-of-the-art image processing

  • · Pioneering ISP technology

  • Enables precise color rendition
  • · Up to 130 dB WDR

  • Guarantees imaging performance in various lighting conditions
  • Cutting-edge Hardware

    •Super large F1.0 aperture
  • •Advanced sensor
  • Super-high Reliability

    •Active alignment technology
  • Guarantees focusing performance in the mass production of ultra HD ColorVu-enabled cameras, providing good quality control.
  • State-of-the-art Image Processing

    •Pioneering ISP technology
  • Enables precise color rendition
  • •Up to 130 dB WDR
  • Guarantees imaging performance in various lighting conditions

Why choose Hikvision?

Resolution up to 4K


ColorVu-enabled cameras render vivid color images in dim light, even down to 0.0005 lux – that’s the same lighting as a moonless, starlit night. This incredible capability to intensify minimal ambient light is achieved through two advanced features:


  • F1.0 Super Aperture – Capturing as much light as possible for the sensor
  • 1/1.2” Large Sensor – Maximizing the use of available light
4K technology >

Zoom in vivid color


Varifocal cameras can adapt to more scenarios by changing the camera’s focal length, making inventory management easier. Hikvision’s Varifocal Cameras with ColorVu are designed with fixed F1.0 large aperture. While your camera zooms in or out, the image brightness will be guaranteed.

Intelligence meets ColorVu


Combining ColorVu technology with AcuSense, these cameras capture human & vehicle targets with vivid color. Connected to Hikvision’s back-end products, users will enjoy detailed video playback and efficient footage searches.


Models equipped with Live Guard deter trespassers with visual and auditory warnings on-site while sending notifications to users remotely. They immediately react to intrusions during events to prevent loss and provide recorded, post-event evidence. Moreover, the audio alarms can be customized in various languages for various scenarios. 

Hikvision AcuSense Technology >

Hikvision ColorVu kameralar, F1.0 diyafram açıklığına sahip gelişmiş lenslere ve daha parlak görüntüler elde etmek için daha fazla ışık toplayan ve kullanan yüksek performanslı sensörlere sahiptir. Sıfır ışık senaryolarında renkli görüntüleri garanti etmek için dahili, çevre dostu ek aydınlatma kullanılır.

Nighttime performance comparison

ColorVu camera vs. Conventional camera


Please also watch this brief comparison video for a first-hand experience of the ColorVu camera’s round-the-clock performance. 

Product categories

Product spotlight

Application scenarios


Small business

Parking lots




From townhouses to multi-family homes to apartments, residential buildings often have several low-light areas that can be potentially risky as they are difficult to monitor in the darkness. This includes narrow walkways, stairwells, and other outdoor areas. ColorVu cameras provide unmatched monitoring where incidents or accidents occur and illuminate dark areas to reduce risks and improve safety for tenants and visitors. Higher quality imaging improves suspect identification when needed, providing a safer environment for residents.



Users can monitor entrances and exits as well as dimly-lit interior and exterior areas where theft or other crimes occur – dark hallways and walkways, dumpster areas, and loading docks. Enjoy better illumination with ColorVu cameras while they protect your employees, customers and assets, helping them feel safe around and within your property.



Parking lots are difficult to protect for many reasons. But ColorVu uses sophisticated supplemental lighting to make parking areas easier to secure. This means there is no need for additional lighting to capture high-quality, full-color images. ColorVu’s natural, supplemental lighting will not interfere with a driver’s vision, as opposed to harsh, bright, or discolored lights. All these features reduce costs and ensure high-resolution, detailed imagery – such as the color of a person’s clothing or the color of a car – and everything is recorded for forensic review when necessary.



Strategically placed ColorVu Cameras illuminate areas with limited lighting that pose risks for accidents or other incidents such as walkways, play areas, entrances to restrooms, and exercise areas. Better evening and nighttime illumination keeps members of the community feeling safe and comfortable.

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