Empower Your View with Hikvision PT Cameras

Hikvision's PT (Pan and Tilt) Cameras revolutionize security monitoring by enabling users to pan and tilt the camera effortlessly using the Hik-Connect mobile app. This advanced feature provides users with real-time flexibility, allowing them to remotely adjust viewing angles whenever needed. These PT cameras are well-suited for various applications, from residences to commercial environments. 

What does PT Camera make possible?

The PT camera system coverage for the neglected corners

Pan & tilt, enjoy expanded coverage 

Get expanded video coverage with Hikvision’s PT Series Cameras, bringing unparalleled versatility to your special needs. These Pan-Tilt security cameras are designed to monitor a broader range of angles, ensuring no corner is left neglected.

Change the Hikvision camera's view freely

Smart Hybrid Light for Smarter Turn 

Smart Hybrid Light with Motion Detection 2.0 offers flexible lighting options for your various requirements

 PT cameras minimize your installer's efforts

Two-way audio, bridging distances

Two-way audio with built-in microphone and speakers enables real-time communication, breaking the limits

Hikvision's PTZ cameras can be within reach through the Hik-Connect app

Stay in frame, stay in focus

Auto Tracking Lite enables the PT camera to pan and tilt so that targets are always in the field of view

 PT cameras minimize your installer's efforts

Superb low-light performance, 24/7 protection

Selected models are equipped with ColorVu technology, offering vivid colorful imaging even in dim light