Interactive flat panels improve digital teaching and learning experiences

Interactive flat panels improve digital teaching and learning experiences

Mayıs 19, 2022


As educational institutions around the world embark on the journey of digital transformation, adding an interactive flat panel in the classroom has become more common. Interactive flat panels are smart tech devices that replace the traditional chalkboard or whiteboard. They can be used to enhance the educational experience for both students and teachers. Interactive displays can be written on like chalk- or whiteboards while featuring all the advantages of today's technologies, enabling more collaboration, engagement, and interactivity with a wide range of unique features.


Interactive flat panels help teachers take their teaching to the next level

With an intelligent interactive flat panel, educators can give full play to their teaching ideas by presenting multi-media teaching content, highlighting bullet points, recording, saving, and sharing lessons and content, engaging students in group activities, and more. The interactive flat panel also allows teachers to run multiple software applications simultaneously during a class, so that teachers can easily share just about anything that's inspiring and interesting.

Interactive flat panels also transform the way teachers do chalkboard-writing. The intelligent screen makes it efficient and convenient for teachers to explain things with annotation while presenting relevant materials. The screen also enables multi-person drawing, which helps teachers and students instantly share ideas during collaborative and interactive class activities.


Interactive flat panels create an immersive learning experience for students

Younger students often have short attention spans, and interactive flat panels help them engage. The outstanding, human-centric display technologies easily attract students who are interested in futuristic tech devices. Engaging visual content presented by teachers can also help students focus their attention while boosting motivation, inspiring creativity, and delivering great learning outcomes.


Apart from students in the classroom, interactive flat panels can also connect remote students, allowing them to access classes via live stream or view recordings of classes at a later time, whether they are in other schools and classrooms, at home, or in other remote locations.


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  • Apart from students in the classroom, interactive flat panels can also connect remote students
  • Apart from students in the classroom, interactive flat panels can also connect remote students

Interactive flat panels are a rewarding investment for educational institutions

Interactive flat panels are easy-to-use devices that offer quick and easy implementation, configuration, and operation. They streamline and enhance the teaching process, allowing teachers to focus on delivering excellent, robust lessons to the students. They also encourage students to actively participate in the class and learn with rapt attention. Their central management features can also help administrators reduce costs and efforts while striving for more efficient maintenance of their facility.


Enter Hikvision

Hikvision has launched a new Classroom Hub Solution, with its interactive flat panel display as the core component, to enhance teaching and learning. The new Classroom Hub Solution provides teachers a way to make lessons more dynamic, engaging and fun, and also helps students tap into more opportunities of modern education.


To find out more about the Classroom Hub Solution and Hikvision's interactive flat panel range, please visit our website.

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