NAF is building an efficient training environment with Hikvision

NAF is building an efficient training environment with Hikvision

Ekim 13, 2021


The National Aid Fund manages social protection programs dedicated to the less fortunate households, to serve them efficiently and creatively, through outstanding institutional performance in the implementation of programs for granting recurrent and emergency financial aid of all kinds, in accordance with best international practices.

NAF has many programs to help people such as: Working at providing employment or production opportunities to the individual or the family, or to increase them by way of vocational or physical rehabilitation.

In order to answer to the needs of its beneficiaries, NAF created the first mobile rapid response center in the Arab region, equipped with the latest electronic devices and directly linked for best efficiency to the Fund’s main database. This center delivers services to the citizens living in remote areas and can be mobilized during emergency situations such as natural disasters.

NAF also is working with Hikvision a leading IoT solution provider with video as its core competency.

In the project for NAF, Hikvision equipment and technologies were selected to manage vocational training to beneficiary groups at institutions and relevant authorities. With support from Hikvision, NAF installed 10 video wall displays with front maintenance mounting for easy access. The key features are: factory calibrated for color and brightness, stable and 24-hour continuous work-time, direct-lit LED backlight with uniform brightness and no boundary shadows.

With Hikvision LCD Display Unit, trainings are going smoothly and more clear. It’s easy for beneficiary groups to receive the information and for NAF administration to manage it.


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