Tal Plaza maximizes parking efficiency with Hikvision smart parking solution

Tal Plaza maximizes parking efficiency with Hikvision smart parking solution 

Ekim 13, 2021


Shopping centers, as it happens, set a certain standard in customer service. It is assumed that a person visits there to spend time with friends and family in the most comfortable conditions. He will take home purchases and good impressions from the shopping experience, which means he will come back again. 

Customers choose preferred F&B complexes, shopping malls, restaurants, and supermarkets based on how convenience they are. Convenient location, accessibility, easy parking, variety of products and in-mall entertainments , all to be in one place.


Is it enough for an F&B complex to build the parking lot?


‘Thinking beyond security’ is a concept Tal Plaza applies to their parking security. It essentially means using security solutions to solve problems, create opportunities and make weekend life easier for customers– often in ways they didn’t think were possible.


The newly launched Tal Plaza, which is located at the urban area of Riyadh and surrounded by the modern residential area, is a new favorite hangout for people of all ages.


Visiting Tal Plaza already became part of their lifestyle. It is not a surprise that they can visit it for a delicious dinner or a cup of coffee. In order to make customers feel comfortable during their visits to the F&B complex, Tal Plaza`s management has provided their customers with various facilities, one of them is parking spaces.

With Hikvision smart parking solution, Tal Plaza managed to avoid several problems, such as:

1.      Threats or damage of cars and belongings inside the vehicles. Monitoring system are installed to secure the parking lot, so customers can enjoy their time without any worries.

2.      Parking can be a major chore for shoppers and commuters alike. Hunting around for a free space wastes time, which is frustrating at the start of the working day for commuters and a disruption to the shopping experience for mall customers.

A dynamic lighting indicator system can be incorporated to guide drivers straight to available spaces, helping to ensure they can always park their cars quickly.

3.      During rush hour or times of high customer flow, congestion can build at entrances and exits, resulting in lengthy queues, which also can be avoided with the smart parking solution.


To help Tal Plaza maximize parking security and optimize customer experiences, the plaza has deployed a smart parking solution from Hikvision. This incorporates high-resolution cameras that detect suspicious activity and potential security breaches across the entire parking lot, minimizing the risk of vehicle theft and protecting customers' cars at all times. 

In addition to security monitoring, Hikvision’s vehicle detection, which is based on deep-learning algorithm, and offers stronger adaptability to the environment, was installed It supports parking space status detection, license plate recognition, multiple picture analysis, higher algorithm efficiency, and back-end recognition. Aside from this, it is easy to upgrade and maintain, and helps to reduce management costs.


State-of-the-art smart parking solutions can improve the management, security and profitability of parking lots, thanks to an array of innovations offered by Hikvision. 

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