Hikvision announces technology integration of Digital Signage with Saturn Visual Solutions

Hikvision announces technology integration of Digital Signage with Saturn Visual Solutions



March 28, 2022 – Hikvision, an IoT solution provider with video as its core competency, has announced the integration of its Digital Signage Pro Series with SaturnVision, a content management system from Saturn Visual Solutions, a digital signage consultancy in the UK.


The integration enables commercial display operators to use SaturnVision software to configure and manage Hikvision's digital display screens with ease, and provide customized screen layout, efficient content scheduling including display of dynamic content and apps from social media feeds, live TV, and web pages. The new, enterprise-grade and cloud-based content management solution facilitates improved operational efficiencies and helps users better achieve the goals of their communications, in industries such as retail, healthcare, education, entertainment, and transportation.


"As a digital signage consultancy, we keep a close eye on the products available on the market. We have been impressed by the quality of Hikvision's Pro Series and expect what can be achieved by combining our team's creativity, and SaturnVision content management software with Hikvision's products," said Matthew Drury, Sales and Marketing Director at Saturn Visual Solutions.


"The integration provides a seamless operation of Hikvision digital signage products with Saturn Visual's software," said Adler Wu, Global Technology Partner Alliance Manager at Hikvision. "We expect to see such an intelligent toolbox bring more benefits to our customers."


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For more details about the integration of Hikvision's Digital Signage Pro Series with SaturnVision, please visit this link.


About Saturn Visual Solutions

Saturn Visual Solutions is a digital signage consultancy that provides a comprehensive suite of specialist digital signage agency solutions and services, which range from solution design and installation, to content creation and technical support.

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