Hikvision announces new AX Hybrid PRO alarm system with innovative ‘Speed-X’ technology

Hikvision announces new AX Hybrid PRO alarm system with innovative ‘Speed-X’ technology



May 5, 2022 - Hikvision has announced the launch of a new AX Hybrid PRO alarm system with innovative Hikvision 'Speed-X' transmission technology built in, which is suitable in varied scenarios including banks, factories, offices, and retail stores.


Inheriting the elegant design of the original AX PRO and embedded with cutting-edge technologies, the AX Hybrid PRO Series offers the combination of reliable wired protection, while delivering expanded flexibility with seamless wireless integration.


High-performance, long-range coverage with Speed-X technology

The AX Hybrid PRO system's built-in Speed-X technology makes it truly industry leading, based on faster, more reliable, and longer distance transmission of video feeds and alarms. 


With Hikvision's Speed-X technology, AX Hybrid PRO alarm system offers wired transmission speeds up to 500 kb/s, which is around 150 times as fast as traditional transmission technologies. What's more, these speeds can be achieved over distances up to 900 meters. 


In fact, Speed X's long-distance transmission capabilities allow customers to build a cascade connection topology, with the system supporting up to 7 input expanders, the transmission distance extending up to 5.4 kilometers.


Superior reliability and stability for always-on security 

AX Hybrid PRO alarm system is optimized for reliability. If the main power supply is compromized, the system can continue to operate in smart power management mode for a further 36 hours using the backup battery. Additionally, transmission is always assured with support for multiple communications methods, including LAN, Wi-Fi, PSTN, GPRS, and 3G/4G. Finally, the AX Hybrid PRO control panel supports 4-channel ARC (alarm receiving center) backup, ensuring full redundancy for security and monitoring activities. 


Flexible deployment options to meet varied business needs

Equipped with abundant wired and wireless detectors and peripherals, the AX Hybrid PRO alarm system can be flexibly deployed to meet customers' specific business needs. The system is also compatible with other Hikvision products, allowing the unified management of intrusion alarms, video security, video intercom and access control on a single platform: via either Hik-Connect for end-users, or Hik-ProConnect for professional service providers. This means that organizations of different types and sizes can reliably detect fires, water leaks, gas leaks, and other threats before they endanger people or assets – all in the most cost-effective way. 


Efficient alarm verification with real-time video clips and images

With IVaaS technology, business-owners can conveniently verify alarms from AX Hybrid PRO system by watching video clips or GIF images when they are away from the property. The Speed-X technology also makes it possible to verify HD images from wired PIRCAMs within 3 seconds. With the immediate verification, business owners and ARCs can remotely check if anything goes wrong, which has reduced the cost and improved efficiency apparently.


Find out more

To find out more about Hikvision AX Hybrid PRO wired alarm system, please visit the website. You can also contact us to discuss your specific security and monitoring needs and we'll be happy to help. 

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