PM Q&A: Hikvision TandemVu PTZ cameras – providing the big picture, and small details, in tandem

PM Q&A: Hikvision TandemVu PTZ cameras – providing the big picture, and small details, in tandem

3 18, 2022


When it comes to securing large areas and facilities, single-lens cameras are not always right for the job. They may be able to capture detailed images at a great distance, for example. Or get a wide-angle view of the 'big picture'. But they do only one or the other. 


One way around this is to integrate two or more imaging lenses into a single camera. This kind of multi-lens camera can simultaneously deliver both panoramas and detailed, zoomed-in views of the same large site – which is where the new Hikvision TandemVu PTZ cameras excel.  


We asked Hikvision product manager Hundt Huang to explain how the new TandemVu PTZ cameras work, what they do, and how they deliver even more value for our customers. 


Q: Can you introduce the new TandemVu PTZ cameras for us, please?


A: Yes, sure, Hikvision's new TandemVu PTZ cameras feature next-generation technology, integrating a bullet camera and a PTZ camera in one unit. This exciting new type of camera provides big picture and small details in tandem, inspiring the name TandemVu. Apart from this innovative imaging feature, our cameras also help our users ramp up their security capabilities based on intelligent AI, proactive intruder deterrence, and outstanding vision at night . 

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  • Our cameras also help our users ramp up their security capabilities based on intelligent AI, proactive intruder deterrence, and outstanding vision at night.
  • Our cameras also help our users ramp up their security capabilities based on intelligent AI, proactive intruder deterrence, and outstanding vision at night.


Q: What security challenges was TandemVu developed to address? 

A: Most of the cameras we see today are static cameras covering a scene, and their fields of view are usually limited. That means cameras can lose sight of things at the edges of their field of view. Similarly, the use of PTZ cameras can't guarantee a comprehensive view, especially when cameras start to pan, tilt, or zoom to check on moving objects. This is when "blind spots" can happen. Hikvision TandemVu PTZ cameras are developed to address this challenge by using two camera lenses, with the bullet unit covering the whole area, and the PTZ unit checking on details. 


Q: Where are these cameras being deployed to enhance security? 

A: Our TandemVu PTZ cameras are ideal for large-scale places, such as long perimeters, parking spaces, large buildings, squares and other outdoor areas. In these kinds of scenarios, TandemVu PTZ cameras can be utilized to their full potential.  


Q: What makes TandemVu PTZ cameras different from traditional PTZ and bullet cameras? 

A: Simply put, TandemVu PTZ cameras have both of these camera technologies in one unit. This means that the capabilities inherited from a PTZ camera and a bullet camera are now integrated into a single product. The bullet lens and PTZ lens work in synergy, though, always providing the overall picture, with no loss of visibility when PTZ starts to pan, tilt, or zoom. 


Q: Why not just install a PTZ camera and bullet camera together? 

A: There are a range of benefits installing a TandemVu PTZ camera instead of deploying pairs of PTZ and bullet cameras. First and foremost, it's the reduced purchasing cost, as one camera is always more budget-friendly than two. When it comes to installation, the cost is also reduced with just one device, with one-time cable wiring, and one-time camera angle adjustment. Also, it's the eased management and maintenance. TandemVu PTZ camera's two-in-one design also means there is only one IP channel to manage, and only one license is needed on the video management software (VMS) platform. 


Q: How do the advanced imaging capabilities of TandemVu cameras help organizations maximize their security? 

A: Clear and colored images are always needed in every security environment. When incidents occur, users turn to recorded footage to identify key evidence – such as the color of clothing or of an automobile, for example. A great advantage of Hikvision TandemVu PTZ cameras is their outstanding imaging capability. The cameras incorporate Hikvision's signature ColorVu and DarkFighter technologies in their bullet and PTZ units respectively. Specifically, ColorVu technology allows the bullet unit to create full-color, crystal-clear images during both day and night; while DarkFighter technology further enables excellent HD images to be captured in light conditions down to 0.0005 Lux. These all ensure that every security incident is recorded in fine detail 24/7.


Q: And what about the covered range?  

A: To elaborate on covered range and distance, our top range cameras offer two lenses in the bullet unit, which means they can create seamlessly stitched images with 180 degree wide coverage. So one TandemVu PTZ camera covers much more space than a conventional camera. Remarkably, the PTZ unit further supports 42x high optical zoom, and clarity up to an IR distance of 300m. When zoomed in, the cameras see distant objects clearly day and night. 


Q: Beyond providing a full picture of events, how do TandemVu PTZ cameras help security teams increase their efficiency and reduce false alarms? 

A: Intelligent features are a key benefit of this new camera type. Engineered with Hikvision AcuSense technology, false alarms are greatly minimized. The cameras are able to distinguish and classify targets into human, vehicle and other objects. Only human and vehicle targets are followed by the PTZ lens. Top of the range cameras also support more advanced AI functions such as ANPR, multi-target-type detection and facial recognition to meet different security needs in complex scenarios. These features all help security teams to increase their day-to-day operational efficiency. 


Q: How do the cameras help to prevent security breaches? 

A: Most of the camera solutions today are reactive to security breaches, which means that damage or losses are incurred before a response team can arrive. To overcome this challenge, Hikvision TandemVu PTZ cameras include a Live-guard solution that triggers sound and light alarms that warn would-be trespassers before they enter a site or building. This can help to prevent security incidents, helping organizations to protect their people and assets.  


You can find out more about the TandemVu PTZ cameras on the Hikvision website. You can also contact us and we will be happy to provide more details on the benefits of TandemVu cameras for your business.