AI-powered video: an extra pair of eyes to keep factory production safe

AI-powered video: an extra pair of eyes to keep factory production safe

4 02, 2021


The robots are here! But they’re not about to replace us… they’re actually helping to keep us safe. Discover how AI-powered video can protect and support the work of factory staff, who need to stay attentive at all times.


Across many high risk industries, it’s essential staff take precautions in order to protect the safety of themselves and their coworkers. And given the volume of goods that are produced, factory environments are especially demanding. Operators working on production lines must always remain in-post and stay attentive: not only to ensure continued product quality control, but also to prevent accidents due to the constant motion of conveyor belts and their non-stop payload.


And yet, this line of work comes with a whole host of challenges. Working shifts, often at unsociable hours, is bound to put staff under physical pressure. Workers also have to take care to avoid distractions, and to ensure their post is always sufficiently staffed, as walking away just for a few seconds can result in operational chaos as goods pile up, for example in parcel sorting stations.


That’s why more forward-thinking businesses are choosing to support production-line workers with cutting-edge intelligent video technology, powered by AI.


AI: maintaining a safe working environment 

All around the world, Artificial Intelligence is being used in thousands of different business applications, to learn patterns, analyze behavior, and alert teams to all manner of safety and operational issues – far more quickly than human beings ever could. 


In a factory, AI can ensure quality control and prevent disruption to production. 


For example, the latest AI-powered cameras feature Automated Event Alert, using built-in AI-powered algorithms that can be trained to recognize workplace behavior pattern. If someone’s movement is outside the set parameters – for example there are not enough workers in-post – an AI camera can rapidly identify this, and raise an alarm to alert before any production disruption happens.


In hazardous production environments, then, an AI-powered camera effectively becomes an extra member of staff; one that is always alert and on standby, making sure everyone is safe, and production is running smoothly at all times.


State-of-the-art AI video from Hikvision

Hikvision AI cameras combine our state-of-the-art high definition cameras with our custom behavioral analysis technology, automatically sounding an alarm when critical thresholds are triggered. The system can identify changes in human movement, for example if a person is away from their post for a pre-programmed period of time (anything from seconds to hours), or some of the activities that are against behavioral norms in the workplace. 


Accelerate your business with AI

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