Meet Hikvision’s premier network cameras

DeepinView Series Cameras feature Hikvision’s top-tier image quality, video analytics, and versatility, bringing AI applications to a variety of business scenarios by automating detection, categorization, and analysis of significant objects or events.


These cameras help business owners tap into the potential power of video-security systems and deepen their insights for safer and smarter operations.

What makes DeepinView different?

  • Multi-lens models
  • Switchable-intelligence models
  • Scenario-specific models

Two views in one camera

These DeepinView Cameras come equipped with the 2-in-1 TandemVu design – combining two lenses and two sensors in one camera so that you get two video channels with one purchase. The dual lenses are smartly linked to make the system even more agile.


Dual-tech, superior night vision

These cameras support two of Hikvision’s proprietary low-light imaging technologies:

ColorVu – Providing night images in color with a fixed, F1.0 lens that lets in as much light as possible

DarkFighterX – Ensuring color detail capture in nearly total darkness with two advanced sensors for Bi-Spectrum Image Fusion


Multiple intelligence at once

With two video streams channels, these cameras support even richer analytics around the significant objects and events in sight. Moreover, they support multiple concurrent AI functionalities.

Typical applications for DeepinView cameras

Top-rated Imaging Performance

Surpassing earlier technology with a larger aperture, more lighting options, and other ways, Hikvision's DarkFighterS technology produces professional-quality color imaging in ultra-low light. Even in total darkness, users can still get sharply-focused HD images, whether in color or black & white.


DarkFighterS technology features:

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  • Superb Low-Light Imaging

  • F1.0 varifocal lens and 1/1.8” sensor ensure superb color reproduction at a wide range of focal lengths in ambient light as low as 0.0003 lux
  • Smart Hybrid Light

  • Three lighting modes offer color, black & white, or motion-triggered color imaging to suit virtually any need in any setting
  • Super Confocal Technology

  • Guarantees equally sharp night vision in IR or visible light, leading the industry by achieving a delicate & complex confocal effect with an F1.0 large-aperture lens
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