Traffic Violation Detection

When managing rapidly moving urban traffic, timing can be everything. When traffic violations occur, a rapid response prevents congestion from spreading to neighboring areas.


Hikvision’s Checkpoint Systems detect traffic violations on roadways. Whenever a vehicle passes through an ITS-equipped Checkpoint, a camera captures an image of the vehicle and its unique features. Radar-detected vehicle speed is overlaid on the screen. Unsafe behaviors – such as driving with an unfastened seatbelt or using a mobile phone while driving – are also detected.

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Violations, collisions and congestion are most likely to occur at intersections where traffic from multiple directions converges. Here, Hikvision’s Intersection Violation Systems capture unlawful and unsafe driving behaviors such as wrong-way driving, red-light violations, and illegal lane use, using cameras that render clear and colorful images 24/7. 

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traffic violation detection
traffic violation detection

Detection of violations in real time, however, is only the first step. Even more importantly, a violation should be followed by the timely issuing of citations to drivers who violated traffic rules and regulations. The notice and penalty for these infractions holds drivers accountable, fosters responsible driving, and facilitates law enforcement, preventing traffic accidents and improving transportation efficiency in the long run.


The video and images collected automatically by traffic cameras are a welcome benefit to security personnel and traffic management operators, as they can quickly access cameras to monitor activity and can respond with comprehensive situational awareness. And above all, they are exempted from having to collect evidence on-site. 


  • LPR & Speed Measurement
  • E-police
  • Illegal Parking

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