About Hikvision & Sentinel

Hikvision standalone security site includes a solar panel, a battery, a 4G camera and a bracket, can realize one-stop monitoring in the remote environment without power and network, such as agriculture and animal husbandry, forest fire prevention, temporary monitoring of construction sites, etc

Sentinel provides all the services needed to help alarm and video monitoring service providers on a single platform. Sentinel comes with a wide range of tailormade features for system providers, such as mobile interfaces, configurable alarms screens, an automatic alarm dispatch, graphical performance dashboard, automatic report generation, and automated billing

Key Features

Monitoring in the Remote Environment Without Power and Network

Hikvision standalone security site is powered by solar energy, which transmits video to surveillance center through 4G. It is a good choice in the environment without electricity and network.


Long Endurance Design

In order to ensure long endurance, standalone security site can detect the power and automatically adjust to power-saving mode when the power is low. It supports working continuously for 7 days in cloudy and rainy weather when it fully charged.


Easy Management On Sentinel

  • 4G Solar camera fully compatible with Sentinel, live view / playback / event alarm
  • 3 event pictures for quick event verification with low data consumption
  • Quick and easy connection to a site with Sentinel
System Architecture
Application Scenarios
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