Hikvision cameras, people counters working to keep people safe at Hoyts EntX cinema complex in Christchurch

Hikvision cameras, people counters working to keep people safe at Hoyts EntX cinema complex in Christchurch


The Hoyts EntX cinema complex, completed in 2018, is a state-of-the-art development in the heart of downtown Christchurch.  The high-tech flagship Hoyts centre is described as being ‘like nothing Christchurch has seen before’.

The $50 million development is built over three levels, and includes seven cinema screens, two of which are extra-large “Xstremescreens” featuring some of the most high-fidelity sound and images available anywhere in New Zealand. The cinema complex also includes two ‘Lux’ theatres with larger, plush seating and USB chargers.

Movie-goers are greeted by automated ticket booths and a large screen showing movie trailers. The whole experience is designed to be sophisticated and high-tech, offering patrons a frictionless experience.

The ground floor of the complex hosts thirteen food and beverage outlets in a food court and retail environment, which is a draw for tourists, local workers and cinema patrons alike.

The business challenge: safety, comfort and improved operations


Securing a busy and high-tech environment such as the Hoyts EntX Centre requires careful planning and having the right hardware in place. Systems need to be smart and reliable, able to cope with a high volume of traffic while providing high-resolution images from a variety of diverse positions.

Calder Stewart, who won the tender for developing the EntX Centre on behalf of Hoyts, relied upon trusted partners Teltrac to provide security and video for safety, as well as retail insights.

“We had worked with Calder Stewart on several projects before, and understood that the cinema complex and dining precinct was going to be specialised and highly technical. As such, our expertise in providing video cameras, people counters, the network backbone and storage was critical to the outcomes that our partners required. We relied on Hikvision products for both the video cameras and people counters, as they provide a cost-effective, highly reliable and high-definition solution, which ticked all the boxes in this development,” said James Edwards, National Security Technologies Manager at Teltrac.

The Hikvision solution: quality, reliability, cost-effective security and business intelligence

Teltrac and Calder Stewart were in agreement that the state-of-the-art cinema complex would use a network of Hikvision cameras, and subsequently deployed thirty varifocal domes and seventeen PTZ cameras over the multiple levels and large indoor areas of the building.


Further to this, three people-counting cameras sit at each entrance to the building, which helps the busy centre with intelligence on crowd numbers inside, as well as assisting with marketing insights that can be passed on to retailers.


By gathering useful business data on things like volumes of pedestrian traffic at specific times of day and which entrances are being patronised the most, management at Hoyts are able to assist their tenants with staffing requirements as well as helping with intelligence-driven marketing strategies. With their marketing and processes being driven by genuine insights provided by the cameras, retailers in the food court are able to better predict busy and quiet times, offer consumer deals at optimal times of the day, as well as more accurately plan the volume of food required at certain times and the amount of time required to prepare for increases in foot traffic.


With regard to the health and safety of consumers and cinema patrons, the people counting cameras are set to alert management at the centre once the building reaches 80 percent capacity. This way, stakeholders can respond to busy situations accordingly by deploying additional staff and facilities, using pedestrian traffic control initiatives, and generally taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of patrons and staff members.


The Hikvision fixed dome varifocal cameras are able to set both the precise angle and level of zoom to capture clear, specific vision from each area. The angle and level of zoom on these cameras can be reset remotely as required, by an administrator using the Centre’s Video Management Software (VMS).


The seventeen Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) cameras are set in specific areas where foot traffic is highest, and there is a need to have dynamic, proactive video security. The PTZ cameras can hone-in on a specific object, and have the capability of being remotely controlled. They can also be set to define a set of objects in a specific area, and raise an alert if any of those objects are moved. Likewise, if a pre-set range of objects is tampered with or items removed, an alert can be sent to security staff or administrators.


“Teltrac uses Hikvision cameras for the outstanding performance they offer, coupled with exceptional value for money. We couldn’t achieve the same performance at that cost with any other provider,” continues James Edwards from Teltrac.





The Result: affordable, high quality solution for state-of-the-art complex


The Hoyts EntX Cinema complex in Christchurch now has a modern, sophisticated security system in place, which keeps both staff and patrons safe throughout operational hours. In keeping with the high-tech, sophisticated premises, people-counting at each entry point keeps management advised on foot traffic, as well as providing insights for optimising marketing to retail operators.

The cinema complex has deployed a high-functioning network of reliable security cameras at an affordable price, maximising the use of budgets while gaining a sophisticated solution for keeping patrons safe.

Customer: Hoyts EntX Cinema complex, Christchurch New Zealand


DS-2CD2765G1-IZS, vari-focal Dome, 

iDS-2CD6810F-IV people counting camera  

HIK-Central Video Management Software (VMS)

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