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Today, remote meetings, distance learning, and distance working have become normal for people around the world. And to do this, we need the best and most advanced webcams. That's why Hikvision – a global leader in video technology – designed its own Webcam Series with world-class audio and video quality, creating top-notch products for the most optimal experience.


Hikvision's brand new line of webcams contains a wide variety of products to guarantee the perfect fit for any user in virtually any environment. Packed with cutting-edge imaging definition and noise reduction, Hikvision USB webcams are plug & play ready. You'll love the studio-quality imaging, crisp clear sound, and ease of use. 


  • Live streaming
  • Remote conference
  • Online education


Auto-framing and intelligent exposure

Hikvision's all-new webcams feature incredible functionality including auto-framing, smart portrait enhancement and exposure. Users will look natural and great, and enjoy the improved audio and video experience.


No matter what's going on in front of the lens – whether you are sitting or moving around – you can rest assured that our webcam keeps you front and center. It also intelligently focuses on and centers more than one person, putting you both in the right position at all times. What's more, this all-new webcam automatically adjusts image color for a more real, natural look. Exposure gets automatically adjusted based on face brightness to achieve optimal imaging all around, in any environment.


View your best every moment


Hikvision live series webcams are equipped with LED light strips built around the lens with touch-control icons to enable supplemental lighting, enhancing you and your products in dim environments. There are light adjustment icons above the camera, so you can adjust brightness with a tap to correct over- or underexposure. Also, the camera comes with a naturalizing filter to use as you like.




Sharp auto focus

Each Hikvision Live Series Webcam has a built-in TOF-assisted focus sensor to achieve speedy focus and instantly capture details, allowing your audience to feel the quality of products even across the screen while you focus on your uninterrupted livestream.



Flip over as needed

Hikvision Live Series Webcams support tripod, desktop, and monitor mounting, and more. Magnetic on three sides, the camera can stand up straight or lay on its side. Switch image orientation by flipping the position for instant horizontal and vertical screen adjustment. This flexibility offers your audience the best viewing experience and provides more possibilities for varied live broadcast platforms. Our webcams also come with a magnetic shutter, so you don’t have to worry about a privacy breach since you're covered!

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Image rendering to the fullest

Hikvision Webcams are equipped to suit your needs with multiple resolutions, including 1080p, 2K, 4K, and other HD pixel counts. Its HD imaging system boasts remarkable color reproduction at studio levels, ensuring a clearer picture and smoother communications. The U102 Series also uses 120 dB true WDR, giving you sharp imaging, color stability, and natural luminosity even in a backlit conference room.



Classic design and texture

Hikvision Webcams are designed with professionals in mind. The UC-Series features advanced anodized housing, fusing a polished surface with a modern-industrial style. They will blend flawlessly in any setting, whether it’s an office, conference room, or other professional environment.



Frame anything, hands free

The U102 PTZ cam offers dual-axis rotation and 5x optical zoom, ensuring that both large scenes and small details can be pleasantly captured during large meetings and events. The base is equipped with three infrared receivers, enabling agile and precise remote control. In addition, the U102 also supports five preset focal points with a horizontal rotation of up to 330 degrees, so you can quickly get anything or anyone in focus.

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Quick set up for lectures


Hikvision Webcams are designed for a variety of mounting options, such as tripods, monitors, or desktops. They allow for quick installation and great flexibility. These webcams also feature non-slip silicone padding to ensure stable mounting and prevent scratches on your screen or desktop. USB plug-and-play-ready, Hikvision webcams get you into the swing of things quickly when the video streaming begins.



Never miss a word


Hikvision Webcams' built-in pickup microphones use advanced algorithms to achieve intelligent noise reduction and clear sound pickup. Express yourself, listen to others more clearly, and let everyone speak freely, even when studying in a noisy setting, and regardless of the number of people involved in the communication.



Hear and be heard clearly


For distance learning applications, our Mini All-in-One Webcam does it all. With 2-meter sound amplification and 3-meter clear voice collection, this webcam integrates camera, speaker and mic to bring everyone into the conversation. Teachers and students will enjoy interacting when each one can hear and be heard and ambient noise is intelligently reduced.


See what’s meant to be seen

Hikvision Webcams have an ultra-wide field of view, providing wide coverage and no distortion in all types of scenes. Blackboards in the classroom and big screens in the seminar fit with ease. The webcams offer a maximum horizontal field of view of 95 degrees, and their distortion-free lenses – combined with advanced algorithms – simultaneously ensure smooth picture boundaries and well-preserved scenes and images.

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    Hikvision webcam series products are equipped with an exclusive software called HIKIN, extending your webcam's functionality. HIKIN makes it quick and convenient to adjust the picture, giving you the best possible scenery and imaging.

    HIKIN gives you:

    • A simultaneous two/four-screen split preview
    • Easy and quick adjustment of white balance, brightness, contrast, definition and saturation for varied scenes
    • Firmware upgrade of your Hikvision webcams 
    • A button to take snapshots of memorable moments 
    • An easy way to record quality videos and save them locally
    Download HIKIN

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